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Our particular favourite form of play in our office is mountain biking. Fortunately we’re blessed on the Sunshine Coast with a lot of singletrack riding. There are various groups over the Coast that do social rides, and I encourage them all to add comments with dates/times here, but we tend to just go hit some trails with our mates so we can laugh at each other when we have the inevitable stacks.

Our personal favourite is Tewantin where you can warm your legs up on bitumen up a private road (Gyndier Road) to the top of the hill then hit a good selection of singletrack downhill sections which virtually all end up at the car park at the Wooroi Day Use Area. Tewantin is a mixture of hard packed earth to loose stuff to quite rocky bounce you off the bike tracks. There are a few jumps on the trails but they’re all avoidable should you so wish (and there are a couple I do). You can put together some nice loops in Tewantin that don’t leave you thinking that everything is uphill and give you plenty of an adrenaline rush on the downhill bits. My problem now is that I’ve done all the trails so many times I want some more. Can somebody start making some please? I wouldn’t know where to start.

Another good spot is Parklands which no matter how many times you go to you can get lost in. There are so many singletracks here that the (very good) book ‘Where to Mountain Bike in South East Queensland‘ splits it into two sections. My issue with Parklands is the uphills are brutal and the downhills don’t last long enough. There are some nice sweeping sections in there and I love it when I’m in there but hate it when I either have to get to the good bits or get back to the car. Seriously though it’s great once you’re in amongst it. Take a Camelbak, take some energy bars and spend the day in it. You’ll probably have to because you’ll get lost. Maybe somebody should mention to Clive Palmer that this would be a good place for his cable car?

I’ve recently been to some as yet unofficial tracks in Caloundra just off Sugarbag Road. The guy who virtually built them on his own has done a cracking job and has made them to proper association standards so that he can try and get them officially recognised by the council. It’s more of a flat spot than Tewantin or Parklands but has a lot of man made obstacles to get over. If you want to improve your balance go here – if you don’t you’ll fall off. There’s also a straight line downhill with gap jumps if you’ve got the speed and balls for them.

For all downhill fanatics Hennessey Hill in Beerburrum is the place to go. Personally, I’m not ready for gap jumps. Wish somebody would teach me how to do jumps with sloped landings properly.

I don’t know whether anybody that reads this will be looking but have you seen what’s going on in Far North Queensland at the moment? The councils have suddenly embraced mountain biking as a way of getting money into the area and with the obvious help of locals have created some stunning tracks. They’ve got several World Championships over the next few years at Smithfield in Cairns. But I reckon my favourite, even though I’ve not been there, is Mt. Baldy in Atherton. So far they’ve created 35km of singletracks with another 30km to come. But the best bit about it is you can string together fast downhill runs that last 11 (yes, eleven) minutes. That’s awesome, I want some of it down here. YouTube it.

If anyone has got anything to add please do. We’d especially love to know of any more singletrack trails in the area.


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Good info. Sugarbag Road is a hidden secret. Good for an hour session, then get back to the daily grind.


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